Spree has a new website! Check it out: https://craigspree.com

I'm slowly accepting new gigs here and there. I've got two coming up this spring! Candyball 11 in NYC on 4/20/13, and Rumspringa! in Minneapolis on 4/26/13. I can't wait!

I've also set up a SoundCloud page if that's your thing, check it out.

Bassgasm 8 was great! I wasn't able to record my set live at the show, so I quickly put together a studio mix with the same tracks I played at the show. The tracklisting is on the music page. There's a bunch of tracks from my recent anthems mix alongside some oldschool anthems. Enjoy!

Wow, big news to report!

1. New Anthems Mix! First new anthems mix in 3 years! "Subzero 2013 - Winter Anthems". The tracklisting is on the music page.

2. First gig in over a year! I'm humbled to announce that DJ Spree is the 'special guest mystery headliner' for Bassgasm 8 in Minneapolis alongside Hype, Reid Speed, and Sandra Collins!

So does this mean DJ Spree has officially come out of retirement? No. For more details read the interview I did in City Pages.

It's really exciting to have a new mix for you all to enjoy, and I can't wait to play at Bassgasm!

13 years after my first gig, I'll be playing my final show as DJ Spree, alongside MC ADB in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday 8/21/2010. Thank you very much to everyone that ever supported me. It's been an amazing ride!

"The Final Tour" has just a few more stops on it now. Spree's final west-coast gig is coming up in Seattle on May 29th. MC ADB will be there too!

ADB Entertainment is back after 5 years!! Spree & Adb Live @ Bricktop 1427 O St, Lincoln NE 18+ Please click here for more info.

Now that the word has gotten out that I'm wrapping things up as a DJ, a lot of promoters have been contacting MC ADB to have us do a "last performance" in their city. Therefore, we have a few new gigs listed over on the bottom right of this page!

WOW! Talk about going out with a bang! First, CityPages did an interview with Spree, and then Bassgasm was absolutely bonkers! Check out the video below - 22 minutes of our 60 minute set.

Bassgasm Video - Spree & MC ADB Live - Part 1

Bassgasm Video - Spree & MC ADB Live - Part 2

Bassgasm Video - Spree & MC ADB Live - Part 3

What's this? After 13 years, DJ Spree is retiring? Yup. I'll be posting a full explanation soon, but the short-story is 13 years of sticking my ears next to studio-monitors and blasting my skull with beats from my headphones has caused my hearing to deteriorate. I've got a mild case of Tinnitus (constant ringing in my ears, caused by repeated exposure to loud noise). If I don't stop sticking my ears next to super-loud speakers, I could eventually go deaf. So, I'm going to play just a few more shows in 2010 and then I'm going to stop playing out at large events. I might still release a mix occasionally as I still love the music... anyway, check out the INSANE lineup at Uniting Nations in Washington, DC on 4/24! Uniting Nations will be the 'official' final public performance for DJ Spree.

Woah! Check out the lineup for Bassgasm on 2/19/10! We can't wait to play at First Ave!

Spree and ADB are 100% confirmed and booked for Candy Kids in Cincinnati, OH on Sat. 12/12. Just like 99.9999% of our gigs in the last 13 years, we will be there! These promoters are extremely professional and we can't wait to play for you!

To all of our fans - here are the facts concerning the recent Chicago booking.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Contrary to what you may have heard, Spree and ADB will NOT be performing in Chicago on 11/28/09.

Spree and ADB have been receiving some awesome gig offers recently. The first one we've got coming up is listed in the events section on the right. Keep an eye on that space over the coming weeks as we finalize a few more future gigs.

NEW: The long awaited Summer Anthems 2009 - Download it now! Here's the tracklisting.

Yesss that's right Spree and ADB are back! After hiding in an underground bunker throughout the winter in deep hibernation the boys have once again emerged. Hardcore crew it’s time to put those hands to the sky and get ready for another summer of utter madness. Spree is carefully whipping up a brand new 2009 Summers Anthem mix for the music thirsty ravers so please check back very soon.

2008 was a fantastic year for us after kicking things off at CandyBall Ravers in the Caribbean in New York City. This event was a truly memorable event supported by the legendary Raver's Only crew featuring DJ Hixxy, Marc Smith and of course ourselves. There were well over 1,500 ravers going mental and the next night out in Times Square was well I can’t really say ha-ha. Just don't get all the headliners of your event together for a piss-up in central New York. Between Scottish legend DJ Marc Smith, ADB, and the Raver's Only crew things got a bit messy to say the least.

Other highlights of the year were performing in Los Angeles at Christmas in July and at the infamous Midwest cave-fest Underground Sounds 4. Mad props to the Catalytic Souls crew for keeping the music diverse and exciting each and every year. There were loads of other memories made throughout 09 including Booty Halloween 5 in St Louis which was the bloody icing on the cake, literally.

We are looking to bring the Hardcore sounds again to the USA raver’s this year so any promoters interested in bringing the USA Hardcore original double act to your town let us know.

We will be performing in Los Angeles this year and have a number of other events bubbling under. Please check back as we update the site and get things rock'n for the year of 09 so check dat bassline!

Cheers, Spree & ADB

P.S. This year is our 10th year anniversary for terrorizing dance floors worldwide.

NEW: Summer Anthems 2008!!!!! Download it now! Here's the tracklisting.
NEW MUSIC (MP3s - right click/save target as)
Bassgasm 8 - The Remix
2-18-2013 (Studio Mix)
Subzero 2013 - Winter Anthems
2-10-2013 (Studio Mix)
Spree, Summer Anthems 2009
8-29-2009 (Studio Mix)
Spree, Summer Anthems 2008
4-17-2008 (Studio Mix)
Spree, LIVE @ Block Buster
7-3-2007 (Brooklyn, NY)
Spree & MC ADB, LIVE @ Lift 2
5-25-2007 (San Francisco, CA)
Spree, Summer Anthems 2007
5-20-2007 (Studio Mix)


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